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Refinishing Sacred Vessels & Metalware

  Chalices, Monstrances, Tabernacles, Candlesticks    
  Don’t trust unknown people with your refinishing!      
  Have your items restored by the factory that made them!    
Before Repair Refinishing is typically less than half the cost of replacement.  If your sacred vessels are damaged, looking old or are unusable, refinish them! After Repair
 Before Repair We typically try to identify the original factory that made your Sacred Item because the factory has the tools, chucks and dies necessary to repair any damage.  If the original factory cannot be identified, we use a specialty company that has been plating and refinishing Sacred Items since 1919.   After Repair
 Before Repair Refinishing should never been done on your premises because a proper refinishing job uses acids and other chemicals which can only be used in an EPA certified workplace.  Refinishing on your premises not only exposes you, your staff and congregation to these toxic chemicals, but also exposes you to adverse legal action.  After Repair
 Refinishing on your premises can only produce an inferior job or an illegal job.    
To get a proper refinishing result, you merely have to follow these steps    


  1. Take a picture of your refinishing project and email the image to
  2. Cotters will provide you an immediate estimate for the cost of restoration.
  3. Should you decide to move forward, your item will be shipped to the appropriate factory.
  4. You will be provided a re-quote (if necessary) after the item is received by the factory.
  5. Only after you approve the cost will work be done on your item.
  6. Your refinished item is returned to you. 
The first three steps should only take a day or two.  Please allow seven weeks to complete all steps outlined above.    

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